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Electronic Data Capture Specialists

Document Capture Co has a firm understanding in the need for and role of accurate electronic data capture and analysis from paper, mobile and the web in improving the processes of an organisation. Organisations in all sectors such as health, government, legal, finance and retail collect abundant data that is used to provide a better service to an end user, improve internal processes and performance measurement.

It is the passion of Document Capture Co to make this data collection seamless and painless for organisations. For over a decade, we have collaborated with organisations in all sectors and backgrounds to assist them in creating and delivering a robust data management system. The system can accurately collect data and churn out actionable data for analysis without the need for manual and labour intensive processes such as manual data entry, paper archiving and static analysis.

What is electronic data capture?

Document Capture’s method to collect data involves different intelligent techniques, collectively known as automated electronic data capture. In our 15 years worth of experience, we have electronically captured data from paper forms and documents using a scanning toolkit, without the need for manual data entry. Furthermore, we have designed and implemented a wide variety of mobile, kiosk and tablet data capture solutions. The digital ink pen is another innovative addition to our toolkit, which is ideal for remote data capture. 

The wider automated data management toolkit extends to workflows; routing data and documents across organisations, departments and personnel automatically, without the need for paper pushing. Moreover, the total digitisation of documents reduces storage space and makes it easier for users to search for and retrieve old records and documents without sifting through ever increases amounts of paper.

What matters most to organisations is what the data churns out. Within the last decade Document Capture Co has gained experience and developed a high level of expertise in performance dashboards. A performance dashboard visually and graphically highlights data, making it actionable. The dashboard is interactive, allowing users to look at single or simultaneous data sets either individually or holistically.

Document Capture’s all-encompassing toolkit fits the bill for any type of data capture project of any size. We are eager to become involved in all data capture projects and possess a genuine passion in all things data.

Our projects

Document Capture Co is proud to have worked in a variety of different types of electronic data capture projects in different sectors. As a result, we have been exposed to a variety of problems and issues, all different in nature. We have welcomed this because it has only made us better at what we do and give us the platform to provide greater value to our customers.

The bulk of our work is in NHS and public sector projects. Example areas include patient experience, patient health outcomes, clinical research and audit, health screens, census planning and building control, estates and facilities, activity analysis and time sheet plus much more.

In our more recent history, we have had opportunities to work with private sector organisations. We had the pleasure of collaborating with two major supermarket retailers in customer feedback and pharmacy projects, respectively.

Browse our website to learn more about the nature of our projects and to learn more about us as a company.