data captureAt Document Capture Co. we appreciate that persuading an audience to participate in studies and research trials can be a very difficult and taxing experience. People tend to value their own time and can be reluctant to sacrifice even a little of it to help you complete your survey. With this in mind, we take a look at a few methods that might just convince your audience to put on their partici-pants and get involved…


1. Audience interaction

Let’s face it: ticking boxes and filling in forms can be a little bit boring. Instead of the traditional methods, why not try something a little bit more inventive? If your study is quite general, encouraging people to group in different areas of a room to express their response to a question can be a good way to break the ice and encourage honest responses, as well as providing a surprisingly accurate means of data capture.


2. Technology

Instead of relying on the same old pen-and-paper methodology, it can pay dividends to embrace new technologies and offer your audience something tangible and rewarding to play with. We provide companies with interactive kiosks and a variety of hand-held tablets that encourage audience participation as well as prompting an immediate, unguarded response from your sample.


3. Tone

Just because the outcome of your research is deadly serious, it doesn’t mean your survey has to be. The chances are high that your audience is going to be required to sift through quite a lot of information in the course of your study, so you may as well make it easier for them. Take a light-hearted approach, make them laugh or provide them with engaging information. Obviously, bear in mind the nature of your study; some subjects are just too serious to be taken lightly, particularly in the field of medicine.


4. Reward

No-one likes to do anything for free, so why not offer your audience some incentives for taking part in your study? Some companies treat their research trials like a raffle, with every participant being automatically entered into a prize draw to better encourage involvement and broaden the range of entrants, while other companies pay entrants for their time. However, this technique does hold risks, as some participants may be motivated simply by personal gain if a prize or fee is at stake, and there is the chance of people attempting to submit multiple entries. The offer of a prize may also influence survey results, so it’s worth balancing the risk with the rewards.


5. Be different

People will be more likely to engage with your study if it’s something they haven’t experienced before. We’ve seen companies utilise video games in order to gather data, as well as others who employ informal one-on-one sessions to best capture the information they need. If you treat your audience just like any other form of media would treat theirs, you could lose their attention, bore them and risk losing their engagement with the study. Branching out to solutions that are more creative holds many benefits. Contact us today and we’ll do our very best to work with you to find one.