data captureWith data capture, more often than not quality and not quantity is the watchword that governs how successful a study will be. Tickboxes and yes / no answers can only tell you so much, so it’s important to get to the crux of the real thought processes and emotions that make up your sample’s responses. Blank statistics lacking in individual insight can actively hinder a study or piece of research, but you shouldn’t devote your valuable time to data capture when it’s better spent applied to the academic or scientific avenues of your study. Here’s how you can have the confidence in your data, in both its capture and analysis, without having to waste your time or spend a small fortune.



Where a study has been successful under one particular set of circumstances, it may not necessarily work for your company’s needs. It is important to come at your study from a bespoke and personal standpoint to ensure that your research carries the most applicable data possible. With this outcome in mind, we can help you to draw up a questionnaire that will get to the real root of your study; providing you with legitimate emotional insights rather than streams of largely meaningless statistics.



There are more platforms on which your customers’ voices can be heard than ever before, but you won’t hear them unless steps are taken to listen. Sentiment analytics can be used to examine your customers’ emotional responses wherever they may surface; be it LinkedIn forums, on Twitter or Facebook, on Google+ or through more traditional means such as by mail or in industry newsletters. By keeping an ear open to these channels, you can supplement your quantitative data with enough qualitative data to ensure that your study is as thorough and cost-effective as possible.



Much of the time, our data capture services are utilised as a means of freeing up time for those who need it most. You’d much rather be spending time with your clients, with patients or on the intellectual particulars and consequences of your study than on the data itself. By handling all the donkey work for you, data capture services free up your time so it can be better spent on the more pressing aspects of your professional life.



Increased accuracy and efficiency will allow you to undertake your study in the quickest possible time, resulting in reduced costs and improved results. If you want to ensure that your study stays on track and achieves optimal results from start to finish, dedicated project managers can help you to achieve the goals you require from the exercise. We’ve found that a lot of people fail to comprehend the sheer scale of research data capture, and can become easily swamped by the volume of data that comes out of such a study. In these circumstances, automated data capture can really take the pressure off of you and generate your results quickly, effectively and accurately.


If you have any other questions about how data capture can be employed to best benefit your institution, why not contact us to schedule a free workshop and discover how our solutions can be tailored to maximise the potential of your study.