researchIs clinical research just the reserve of large drugs companies and teaching hospitals possessed of the twin luxuries of enough time and money to indulge in it, or should a research culture be a more fundamental part of the NHS? Here, Document Capture Co. takes a look at the importance of clinical research, and how it can benefit any institution brave enough to embark in it.



Research drives innovation; it’s a no-brainer. Without being afforded the time, funding and freedom to conduct trials here in the UK, our brightest minds won’t be able to pursue the discoveries that could change the world tomorrow. Britons discovered or invented the smallpox vaccine, penicillin and stem cell transplants among countless other hugely important breakthroughs, so who knows what we could still achieve, given free reign?



You have to invest in research in order to undertake it, of course, but what of the institutions that are affiliated with important medical discoveries? The University of Cambridge can boast that 88 different Nobel Prize winners have passed through its gates throughout its history, and of course the kudos that goes with those achievements is a big draw for international and domestic students alike, boosting the institution’s earning power considerably. Furthermore, anyone or anything that has their name attached to a momentous medical patent is guaranteed to be on the receiving end of a considerable financial windfall once it hits the market.



It can be easy to forget that for some patients, taking part in a medical trial can be a genuinely fulfilling experience. Medical research is undertaken with the aim of providing a solution for some of mankind’s most fundamental problems, and unfortunately, this does require the participation of patients. More often than you may think though, patients find that contributing to trials is in fact empowering; being able to take an active involvement in the research of their own condition can be very cathartic and help to renew their sense of independence, as well as furthering the chances that a cure will be found for whatever illness ails them.


Global validity

If we wish to retain our importance and authority as globally forward-thinking nation, we need to be at the forefront of scientific learning and innovation. Throughout our history, Great Britain has been renowned for producing incredible minds and world-changing inventions and ideas, and this representation is still worn with great pride today. If we rest on our laurels then we run the risk of being culturally cut adrift. We have an altruistic duty to continue to further the cause of medical science, and there’s only one way in which we can do that: by encouraging a national research culture.


We know that funding difficulties and worries over study validities can often hold back would-be research, and so we strive to find the most efficient and cost-justifiable solutions for all research we assist with. Contact us today to discuss your specific data capture needs with us, and we’ll help you in every way we can.