Data Deluge for DCCAsk any UK SME or research group and they’ll likely tell you the same thing – big data is posing all sorts of problems to the field of data analytics. The 21st century digital revolution has led to a dramatic increase in the volume of data being produced, stored and retained, with cloud computing, social media, portable networked devices, blogs and e-journals all contributing to a veritable data deluge. Many are already struggling to manage and analyse such a vast quantity of data, but this unprecedented information accumulation shows no signs of abating…


We are currently in the midst of a self-repeating data cycle. In 2002, there was an estimated 5 exabytes of online data in existence. By 2009, that number had risen to 281 exabytes – a 56-fold increase – and there’s no indication that even this frantic growth rate will slow any time soon. The problem is that in order to handle all of this data, developers and engineers are striving to create faster, more powerful servers and data centres, but as processing power, memory and speed all increase, the data upload limit is increased. Put simply, the more we can record the more we will record – as far as online data storage is concerned, we will always strive to exceed our means.


Technology doesn’t help matters, either. Five years ago, Smartphones and tablets didn’t exist, so people weren’t able to create data on the go 24 hours a day. Now, every time you visit a website, search Google or upload a picture using Instagram, you’re contributing to the ever-increasing data deluge. Given another couple of decades, we’ll have quantum servers capable of uploading, storing and processing an unprecedented quantity of data, and your quantum networked devices will possess limitless speeds, limitless processing power and near-limitless storage. All things considered, there’s simply no reason why the exponential expansion of the internet’s data capacity shouldn’t continue unabated.


There are two ways of looking at this data deluge: you can either see it as a problem, that there’s simply too much data to possibly make use of, or as an opportunity, that you’re presented with a limitless pool of information from which to draw upon. Of course, we’re firm subscribers to the latter notion. There’s a wealth of data out there for those who are prepared to make use of it, but in order to do so, you need the right tools and equipment for the job. We’re experts at handling big data challenges, so if you’ve got a research project, a corporate audit or healthcare study to undertake, contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation workshop and see how we can help your business get to grips with the data deluge.