collaborative researchThere are many people out there who are currently questioning the nature of ownership. We’re not talking about the shaky legal and moral question of squatting or anything like that; more about the idea of ‘collaborative consumption’. In a 21st century Britain rocked by recession and in the grip of a steadily expanding population, could sharing be the answer to our limited resources and increasingly restrictive budgets?


Collaborative consumption has been spreading across the world’s more populous cities, with car clubs and cycle hire schemes allowing metropolitan residents to take advantage of opportunities that would otherwise be scarce, whilst simultaneously cutting down on problems like congestion and resource depletion. Here at Document Capture Co we like to engage in a little collaborative consumption of our own, sharing our software with other companies and related concerns to ensure that everyone can make use of the best technologies around.


So what could collaboration do for you and your research projects, internal studies and audits? Well, think of it this way; you could have a hospital where porters, nurses, doctors, consultants and surgeons all deal with the same patients on a daily basis, generating data and looking for ways to improve their working practices and the day-to-day experience of their patients. A study examining the working practices or patient interaction of any of these individual groups could throw up data that may well be of great interest or use to everyone else. You may even find that different institutions up and down the country are experiencing similar phenomena with their patients and staff and could equally benefit from the information your studies have uncovered. By sharing information and putting your heads together, there’s no reason that different healthcare sectors and institutions couldn’t mutually benefit and improve their working practices in future.


We feel that collaboration and mutualism is a great way to reduce the amount that institutions need to spend on research and to make use of money and resources in a more efficient and far-reaching way. Before you can share your data, you’re going to need to generate it. Take a look at our range of data capture services to ensure that you get a bespoke, cost-effective and efficient data capture service next time you’re looking to undertake an internal study or research project.