word recognitionIWR, or Intelligent Word Recognition, is a revolutionary software program that allows computers to interpret handwritten information that would otherwise have taken data entry teams countless hours to decipher and input.  IWR means that we can dramatically streamline these labour intensive purposes and minimise the probability of human error, but what use could we have for this kind of software? How will it serve us in everyday life?


Smartphones and tablets

If you have an Android Smartphone, you may have already had a play with the new Google function that allows users to handwrite their search terms rather than having to input the information by typing it into the search bar. There are countless other apps that utilise IWR to allow users to handwrite information on their Smartphones or tablets, and many of these are particularly useful for children who are learning to read and first interpret written language. However, these applications are rarely more than simply entertaining, and the fact that you’re inputting the text there and then means that you’re tailoring your handwriting, albeit subconsciously, for the software to better understand and interpret it. Where IWR is really useful, though, is in instances where written language has been used naturally and at times, rapidly.



Companies and businesses across the world are inundated with letters, comments, suggestions and complaints every year, but because of the sheer volume of this handwritten data and the relative difficulty in interpreting it, much of this valuable information goes to waste. IWR can be used to decipher even the most impenetrable handwriting, and thanks to sentiment analytics, all of this data can be quickly and easily restructured into data visualisations that can be interpreted and understood quickly and easily. Using these techniques, businesses can utilise otherwise inaccessible quantitative data to improve their products, services and business practices or even anticipate future audience trends.


Reading old texts

Because of the way in which computers ‘think’, it is possible to program them to interpret texts that would be more or less unreadable to even the most highly-trained humans. Some experts believe that IWR will one day be used to interpret ancient or partially-damaged texts that would otherwise remain mysteries to us, allowing us to peer through the curtain of time and learn about our written history.


IWR has thrown up any number of exciting applications and possibilities for us to explore in future. Contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation workshop and learn more about how Intelligent Word Recognition software can help your business to reach its goals and ambitions this year.