medical researchConducting medical research studies is an expensive and time-consuming process. Staff and resources need to be drawn from areas in which they’re needed and reallocated to the perhaps less pressing sphere of your study, while huge amounts of data need to be generated, captured and analysed before you can generate the results you’re looking for. So, are medical research and clinical trials really worthwhile, and should your company be investing your valuable time, money and resources in studies like these?

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common and debilitating afflictions of the elderly, and with the world’s population achieving a far higher average age than ever before, it is considered to be a major problem for modern society and those of us in the healthcare profession in particular. The quality of life for Alzheimer’s sufferers is greatly diminished, and as the disease effects memory, intellect and behaviour, families of sufferers are also greatly affected by this widespread illness.

This year, clinical trials are being undertaken in St Petersburg for a drug which aims to prevent the deterioration of brain cells brought on by Alzheimer’s, allowing healthcare professionals to effectively treat the disease if it is detected in its early stages. Trials have already been performed on healthy volunteers, weeding out any potentially harmful side-effects, so all that remains is for the effectiveness of the drug to be determined on those who actually need it. While we will have to expect a gap of some years before this drug, if it works, actually begins to reach patients, it does at least represent a lifeline for the thousands of people who will be diagnosed with the disease in future.

So, this new drug may well improve the lives of countless people across the world, but from a purely fiscal perspective, it also represents an enormous boon for the facility which has developed it. Drugs like these are priceless, both to patients and to those who look to produce and sell them, and of course their development would not have been possible if not for medical research and clinical trials. By investing in research, spending money on data capture and exploring different avenues of medical development, businesses can not only look to improve the lives of their patients but also usher in unprecedented financial success and acclaim for their company. Medical research is undoubtedly worthwhile for those who undertake it, and it’s an avenue we would recommend to anyone working in the healthcare profession.

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