word cloudHave you ever wondered how we take bundles of handwritten sentiments, digitise them and express them in ways that are simple to interpret and understand? Thanks to text analytics, we at Document Capture Co. are able to take these otherwise unusable sources of qualitative data and transform them into useful information for our valued clients.


How text analytics work


1 – We scan in your qualitative data and our text analytics software analyses all of the handwritten content, cross-references individual words and symbols with existing examples in its database until it lands upon the most likely meaning for each.


2 – These newly interpreted words and symbols are then analysed for sentiment, the text analytics software organising and colour-coding them in different groups ranging from extremely negative, through neutral and all the way to extremely positive. Each of these groups are assigned colours pertaining to each sentiment, so negative words show up as red shades, neutral words as yellows and positive words in greens.


3 – Once all of your qualitative words have been thus grouped and colour coded, it’s time to visualise the data in a way that makes it useful for our clients and customers. We could arrange this data into simple bar graphs, line graphs and pie charts, but then you would lose the individual power and meaning form the words that we’ve worked so hard to retain. We much prefer to organise these qualitative results in a word cloud– in this way, you can see in an instant whether these thousands of words are mostly positive or negative, allowing you to gauge the effectiveness of a given product, service or policy, but you can also view each of the individual words in context, giving you far more usable qualitative data than you would receive from a simple graph or chart.


Our text analytics and word cloud techniques give you unprecedented flexibility in the face of previously unusable qualitative data. Contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation workshop and discover how our great range of data capture services can help your business to make the most of the wealth of information that’s up for grabs.