Sports-data-captureWe all know how data capture and analysis can be used to help businesses reach peak performance, develop new healthcare products and services and bolster academic research projects, but that’s by no means the limit of their abilities. The digital revolution has meant that data capture can now be applied to numerous applications and in countless different fields, allowing even the most disparate disciplines to benefit from the advantages of data analytics. Don’t believe us? Here’s how data capture and analysis is being used to help the world’s top sportsmen excel in their given events…


Gone are the days of George Best and others like him, when sportsmen were just as likely to be seen with a cigarette or a pint as they were a with a tracksuit or a dumbbell. Top-level sport is worth billions today, and the act of competition is taken very seriously indeed. Fine margins can separate teams and individuals even when World Championships are concerned – just think of last season’s Premier League when Manchester City beat rivals United by goal difference alone. With such narrow parameters in play at all times, it’s unsurprising that managers and coaches will do what they can to give their players and teams an edge. These days, they’re turning more and more often to the world of data capture.


Sports research and data processes

NFL giants the Green Bay Packers are currently undergoing a training regimen lain down by sports specialists Nike, and the methods they employ may seem strangely familiar to some of our data capture customers. The first stage in the process sees the athletes interact with a touch-screen kiosk, which runs them through a series of sensory tests designed to gauge reaction times, hand-eye co-ordination and crucial decision making skills. The data from these tests is captured and measured against the performance of other athletes playing in different positions, allowing the coaches to design bespoke training programs designed to preserve the strengths and improve the weaknesses of each player’s performance.


Nike uses this data in an extremely innovative way, combining it with their unique Nike Vapour Strobe glasses – these special specs contain LCD lenses that can mask an athlete’s vision for milliseconds at a time. According to Nike, these glasses can be used to increase the focus of individual athletes and allow them to read the game in a more intuitive, intrinsic way. Of course, technology can only take performers so far, and it is down to the data to turn a good team into world-beaters…


Greater insight and results

Data capture and analysis can be used in ways that you may never have considered, but the results they generate cannot be denied. If you’d like to employ the performance-enhancing properties of accurate data to your research study, audit or healthcare report, contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation workshop and see how effective our bespoke data capture services can be.