data capture silver screenHere at Document Capture Co, we don’t think the world of automated data capture needs glamorising. For us, it’s enough that our work helps pioneering medical techniques and practices come to fruition, that it prompts new discoveries, allows businesses to work at full efficiency and helps to fuel new avenues of research. We can appreciate, however, that some people need a bit of help before they can really get excited about the world of automated data capture and analysis. Fortunately, Hollywood is on hand to provide you with all the inspiration you need.


Spoiler alert!


The Dark Knight Rises – In Batman’s final outing under Christopher Nolan the caped crusader had to defend against a very different threat to the one posed by the Joker’s brand of chaotic terrorism. The threat posed by Bane was primarily caused by big data – it was Bane’s encyclopaedic knowledge of Bruce Wayne, Wayne Enterprises and Gotham as a whole that allowed him to initially gain the upper hand over Batman and it was information rather than intimidation that proved his most potent weapon. It could be argued that the entire film was all about data, with Anne Hathaway’s Cat Woman desperate to lay her hands on the Clean Slate program that would erase all the unwanted information that had been accumulated by authorities over the course of her nefarious life.


Inception – Perhaps Christopher Nolan is a secret data capture technician…! The director’s 2010 film Inception was just as data capture heavy as 2012’s Dark Knight Rises, but tackled the issue in a different way. While Inception was an extremely high-concept movie, at its heart was the issue of data analytics and the idea that the balance of corporate power lies with those who have more information than their competitors. The characters in Inception took corporate espionage to its logical conclusion, delving deep into rivals’ subconscious minds in order to extract – and ultimately implant – thoughts and ideas. The beauty of sci-fi is that it frees the imagination to explore ideas that are beyond the realms of reality – fortunately no-one has developed an automated data capture method that can take information directly from our thoughts just yet!


Wall-E – The role of the lovable little robot in Pixar’s Wall-E is to determine whether earth has become habitable for human life once more – through a rigorous data capture routine! The arrival of Eve on the planet means that Wall-E is confronted with a far superior automated data capture technology to himself, but there is a flaw. With the data inaccurate and incomplete, Wall-E and Eve have to intervene if humanity is ever going to make its way back to Earth. Of course, such things would never happen with one of our automated data capture solutions as we ensure that they’re constantly checked over by a reliable human eye – machines and automated processes are only labour-saving if the job they’re doing is accurate!


The best movie narratives mirror the day-to-day thoughts and concerns of everyday people, so it’s no surprise that these three films were so successful. Big data and data capture challenges confront businesses on a daily basis, so it’s only natural that they’d have found their way into the plots of Hollywood blockbusters. You don’t need a sci-fi solution to your data capture problems though; just accurate, reliable automated data capture solutions like the ones on our website. Don’t believe us? Just contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation workshop and see for yourself.