data recognitionHave you ever wondered how a computer can be expected to ‘read’ and process information in numerous forms and locations? Digital systems don’t have eyes and brains in the same way that you or I do, so how can they possibly take in complicated data forms, differentiate the useful information from irrelevant materials and then transform that data into useable, easily comprehensible data visualisations, charts and graphs? Well, there are numerous ingenious techniques and methods that our data capture solutions employ to do just that, and we’ve outlined a few of the most innovative here…


Intelligent face recognition

Intelligent face recognition software is an extremely innovative piece of equipment that can be used to discern and generate information based on the facial differences of various individuals. Previously, such software could only really be applied to security and law enforcement purposes, with the technology being used to deny access to areas or information to all but specifically verified individuals. However, as the technology has been developed, more and more applications have arisen. Today, IFR can be used to pull in data on the age, gender and ethnicity of a given population sample, and can even be integrated into interactive marketing tools designed to provide bespoke, targeted marketing to specific individuals.


Intelligent word and text recognition

So, how can a computer possibly read a handwritten form using colloquial or casual language? Intelligent word and character recognition can not only achieve such a difficult task more quickly and efficiently than any human being, but can also process and organise this written information into a useable form. IWR crosschecks handwritten English against a comprehensive database, determines which words and phrases are positive, negative or neutral, colour codes them and arranges them in an easily comprehensible word cloud. Your business can look at these word clouds and determine in an instant the overriding sentiment of a study or survey, but can also study them in more detail to see the words and phrases themselves in individual context.


Intelligent voice recognition

If you work in the healthcare profession, many of your patients may not be able to simply write their survey responses or input them into a digital form. For some patients, verbal communication may be the only practical way of harnessing the valuable qualitative information they may possess. Intelligent voice recognition software can be used to record and process this data, transforming it into an organised and efficient digital format that can be used and understood using a minimum of time and effort.


These three examples are just a few of the techniques we use here at Document Capture Co to transform complex unstructured data into forms that can be quickly and effectively understood and utilised by your business. Take a look at our full range of healthcare data capture solutions to see how we can help your business achieve its ambitions this year, or contact us to arrange a free, no obligation workshop and learn about our effective processes in person.