Data visualisations are among the most effective methods of displaying information in engaging, informative and transparent ways, but they can also be outright beautiful. Some of the best data visualisations are tantamount to fine art, but unlike many forms of art, they also have a genuine, quantifiable use that transcends their aesthetic beauty. The perfect combination of form and function is something that all data visualisations should strive to achieve, and here are five that we’ve picked out which can claim to do just that…

Wind Map

We’ve already talked about the ethereal beauty and immediate efficacy of the amazing wind map web app – it’s definitely one of the all-time great data visualisations. Few others have been capable of expressing the relationship between form and function as adroitly as the wind map, and for a really mind-blowing experience, take a look at the entry for the night hurricane Sandy made landfall on the US East Coast…

wind map

Immaterials: Light Painting WiFi

Have you ever walked into an adjacent room in your home and completely lost WiFi signal? If only we could see those tenuous little signals, then we’d know exactly where to sit! Amazingly, the Immaterials project allowed just that – with innovative light-painting signal strength techniques charting the peaks and troughs of WiFi signal in a way that was both beautiful and informative.


Where America Lives

Population density is rarely a visually engaging area of study, but the Where America Lives interactive infographic by Time Magazine managed to make the topic seem uniquely engaging. The densely clustered, deep red peaks indicating proportionately high areas of population give an accurate sense of the crowded nature of metropolitan centres.

where america lives

Health InfoScapean Interactive

Not all data visualisations are mere diverting curios, however. The Health InfoScapean Interactive can be used to chart detailed information about the US healthcare institution, transforming millions of data-points into informative, Spirograph-style shapes. While the visualisation looks amazing, it’s functionality as a means of combating disease is what makes it truly impressive.

Bond: Licence to Drive

Our final inductee into the DCC top five is a bit of fun, but just goes to show how creative and striking data visualisations can be in the right hands. To coincide with the release of James Bond: Skyfall and the 50th anniversary of the franchise as a whole, car dealer Evans Halshaw created this data visualisation of some of Bond’s greatest onscreen cars, and the facts that made them stand out.

bond cars

Data visualisations are extremely effective methods of communicating useful information, but in order to express that information, you need accurate data in the first place. Contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation workshop and find out how our research, corporate and healthcare data capture services can help your business this year.