healthcare dataWe all know how powerful a tool automated data capture and analysis can be for Britain’s ambitious businesses. Data analytics can be used to steal a march on corporate competitors, identify audience trends ahead of time and improve the efficiency and efficacy of business processes, but here at DCC we appreciate that the corporate world isn’t for everybody. Fortunately, automated data capture and analysis can be used for more than just making money – it can even be a force for good!



Charities are philanthropic, not-for-profit organisations so you’d expect them to lack a bit of the financial nous possessed by the UK’s more ruthless businesses. However, charities have very limited funds with which to do their valuable work, and if they are to help as many people as possible they need to use that money as effectively as physically possible. Just because charities aren’t established with the goal of lining the pockets of their CEOs it doesn’t mean that they oughtn’t be run like profitable businesses. Data capture and analysis can be used to ensure that a charity is being run efficiently, minimising the amount of money that’s being wasted and maximising the funds available for important aid work. Furthermore, automated data capture solutions like those available on our website can be used to guarantee that the charity’s budget is being spent in the best possible way, ensuring the maximum amount of aid from the funds available.



Even profitable companies can do a lot of societal good if run effectively. Some healthcare companies exist to help patients and their families deal with difficult illnesses and injuries, while others do valuable research into the diseases themselves or produce equipment and medicines designed to improve the quality of life of future patients. In order to achieve these lofty aims, healthcare companies need to undertake research projects accurately and reliably and initiate audits to ensure that staff and processes are working at full efficiency at all times. Automated data capture can help to gather vital quantitative information from patients and be used to gauge the effectiveness of new processes, equipment and procedures. Using automated data capture and analysis, Britain’s healthcare institutions can ensure that they help as many people as possible and use their money more efficiently than ever before.


Here at Document Capture Co we believe that data can be a force for good, regardless of whether you need it to make your business run more smoothly or to more effectively help those less fortunate than yourself. Whatever your aims are, we’ll have an automated data capture solution that’s right for you.