data explosionA few weeks ago, we took a look at some of the numbers behind the ever-increasing online data deluge. The pace of data expansion in the 21st century is such that the parameters change constantly, and it’s almost impossible to even speculate as to just how much data we’ll have produced even five years from now. We at DCC think that the digital data explosion is a fascinating and crucial aspect of modern day life, but there’s just so much out there at the moment that it can be difficult to even comprehend. With that in mind, here are a few additional facts and figures to help you get your head around the online information overload…


100 million – By September 2012, photo sharing app Instagram had accumulated more than 100 million users – more than the population of the UK and Canada combined.


766.3 million – At the time of writing, YouTube sensation ‘Gangnam Style’ by PSY has chalked up in excess of 766 million views, meaning that the equivalent of 10% of the world’s population has seen it.


1 billion – There are more than 1 billion Smartphones in operation around the world as of October 2012, each one contributing endless streams of online data every day.


650 million – There are more than 650 million active websites online at the moment – if you visited a different website every second without stopping, it would take you over 20 years to visit them all.


31.3 million – More than 31 million people follow controversial pop songstress Lady Gaga on Twitter – more than half as many people as voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 US presidential election (59,134,475).


$17.5 billion – Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is worth more than $17.5 billion – using data to instigate a fortune almost as great as the GDP of Paraguay.


2.5 petabytes – It is thought that the human brain can store around 2.5 petabytes of data. To put that in perspective, the internet surpassed 600 exabytes of data this year (1 exabyte = 1,000 petabytes).


1 trillion – In 2011 alone, YouTube videos were viewed over 1 trillion times – enough for 140 views for every man, woman and child on earth.


Quite simply, the internet is enormous and getting bigger every day. While much of this data is little more than meaningless traffic, a great deal of it can be extremely useful for your company. Capturing and analysing digital big data is no easy task however, so if you’re looking to take advantage of this limitless source of free data, contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation workshop and take advantage of our bespoke data capture services.