Here at Document Capture Co, we’re constantly searching for the latest technologies set to revolutionise the world of automated data capture. By using the best technology we can improve the accuracy, speed, consistency and cost-effectiveness of your research projects, studies and audits but there’s always room to further enhance our methods. Our current automated data capture solutions are among the best money can buy, but where will technology take us in the next few years? Read on to find out…


Social media – Social media is already one of the most popular depositories of information on the planet. More than 900 million people use Facebook worldwide, and many of those update their status and location or upload pictures every day. All of that qualitative information is extremely valuable to the world’s businesses from a data analytics perspective, which is why our Richer Insights and Text Analytics services strive to provide clients with greater sentiment and meaning from these social media sources than ever before. In future, social media will only become more widespread so our data capture technologies will have to become more flexible and advanced in order to keep up with the times.


Networked telepathy – Today, networked devices like Smartphones and tablets churn out countless gigabytes of data every single day. The touchscreen interfaces of mobile and tablet devices are extremely useful for data capture in the healthcare profession where patients might otherwise struggle to communicate their queries and concerns, but they’re only the start. If scientists and experts are to be believed, in the next few decades human beings will be able to communicate through biomechanical implants – networked devices that are incorporated into our bodies and accessed through nerve impulses. This ‘networked telepathy’ would mean that sentiment and qualitative data could be captured more quickly and in more detail than anyone would have thought possible.


Quantum computing – Many modern companies already struggle with big data, with existing databases, storage devices and processors simply not powerful enough to deal with such large quantities of digital information. While we’ll see the volume of big data increase exponentially over the next few decades, the next wave of digital computing will put paid to such problems forever. Quantum computing relies on the multi-dimensional interactions of tiny quantum particles to dramatically increase computing performance. Imagine limitless digital memory, limitless processing power and unbreachable data security – that’s the reality that quantum computing may one day represent.


All of these future technologies will revolutionise the way in which we approach automated data capture and analysis, and you can rest assured that Document Capture Co will be among the first on the scene when they eventually become available. In the meantime, take a look at our existing range of automated data capture solutions and see how they can help your business achieve its current aims.