data captureSome things are better done the old fashioned way – making lemonade, for example, or running a village shop. Other things, though, are much better for the steady march of progress – here at Document Capture Co, we believe that data capture and analysis are just such things. If you’re still employing the painstaking processes of the past, discover how automated techniques can help to save your business time, money and resources in future…


Automatic form scanning

If you’ve undertaken a study, an audit or a research project, you’ll very likely have been left with a mammoth bundle of forms and papers that are going to need digitising. It’s a task that no-one particularly relishes – you’re going to have to pull resources away from where they’re needed in order to get all of those documents entered into a database, or else shell out on a dedicated team of data entry operatives. Or are you? Automatic form scanning technology has come a long way, and these days even loosely formatted documents can be digitised and processed in a way that’s quick, effective and easy to use. There’s no need to waste all of that time scanning forms in by hand when a single person can now upload in a day what would have previously taken a whole team weeks to achieve…


Automatic text processing

The automation revelation doesn’t end with scanning, either. In days gone by, the painstaking work of data entry would not have been completed once the forms had been digitised. There are online forms to deal with, too, and those typed responses from your participants would have to be read, organised and analysed one at a time, driving the probability of human error through the roof.  Wouldn’t it be easier (not to mention more accurate) if a machine could do it all for you? Well, automatic text processing can do just that, grouping, analysing and organising typed responses for you to take a look at later. No human error, no wasted time, no hours of boredom on your part!


Automatic handwriting recognition

‘Great’, you’re probably thinking, ‘that’s all well and good for online forms, but what about all the handwritten stuff?’ ‘Surely no computer could decipher hundreds of different types of handwriting, so that job’s always going to land at my door.’ Not so. New developments in automatic handwriting recognition software has meant that even the scraggliest handwritten scrawl can be decoded and understood by a computer, meaning that you’ll be presented with a beautiful word cloud full of organised, analysed and readable data that can be of genuine use to your business. Not bad, eh?


Amazingly, automated data capture processes can not only reduce the amount of time, money and resources it’s necessary to lavish on a study in future, but they can also grant you access to the sort of data you could only dream about making use of before. Take a look at our full range of bespoke data capture solutions and take advantage of everything that modern-day technology has to offer.