Analysing performance can be an incredibly difficult thing for UK businesses to undertake effectively. Outside of the rarefied, highly specific world of professional sport, performance isn’t often measured and quantified in easily analysed, identifiable units. You can get a sense of the performance of your institution and the individuals within it – you know, for example, whether your business is succeeding or failing – but truly gauging whether you’re all really working at the top of your ability can be a bit trickier…

Instigating an audit
If you want to find out what’s really going on in the nuts and bolts of your institution, it could well be time to run an audit. Auditing your business is a process that seeks to uncover data on the performance of individual departments and the staff members who work within them. An audit can uncover the amount of sick days your staff members take every year, it can determine how efficiently your company’s budget is being spent and it can analyse how effectively the individuals who people your institution are going about completing their jobs. Discovering the efficacy of the processes that make up the day-to-day workings of your business can be a real challenge, and only by running an audit can you really get to the bottom of company performance and efficiency.

Analysis and improvement
Running a business audit can give you the data you need to change your company for the better. As we mentioned earlier, you may have already had a sense that your business isn’t operating at its optimum efficiency, but prior to auditing your company it will have been difficult to put a finger on what exactly needs improving. Now that you have detailed information on your company’s budget, absences and performance statistics, you can start to improve the way in which your business operates. If a certain department is registering a high percentage of absences, for example, could low employee morale be responsible? Similarly, a lax approach to budgeting in another department could later be tightened up, making your business more cost-effective in future.

It’s not easy to know whether or not your business is performing to the best of its abilities, but by auditing, you can identify problem areas for improvement whilst learning from the more successful attributes of your company – using the power of data to minimise expense and deploy your resources more effectively in future. If you think your business could do with fine-tuning this year, make the most of our corporate and retail data capture services and subject your company to the kind of accurate, rigorous analysis that’s guaranteed to perk up future performance.