digital-progressionThe world of data capture is intrinsically linked to technological progression. Evolving technologies have allowed us to store and analyse more automated data than ever before, giving us the opportunity to perform complex medical research and to accurately solve difficult problems. There is a chance, however, that our powerful data hardware and software is being undermined by the most fundamental part of the process: the user interface…


Redundant technologies

If you’re using a laptop or desktop computer to read this article on our data capture blog, the interface you’re using to engage with the technology will likely be the most dated feature of your machine. The qwerty keyboard has existed, largely unchanged, for more than 140 years since it was developed for the typewriter, and even cutting-edge touchscreen tablets still retain a version of this technology. The point-and-click mouse is just as antiquated as the keyboard, too, and these dated technologies could be wasting your time and increasing the chance of human error in your research studies and reports. Could we be hindering the success of our studies and research projects due to dated interface technologies?


Potential replacements

It seems abundantly clear that these redundant technologies ought to be replaced if humanity’s digital progression is to continue unabated. The onset of touchscreen technology has already seen the mouse, trackpad and traditional keyboard swept aside, but the clumsy and inaccurate qwerty system is still utilised by our tablets and smartphones. In fact, the qwerty system is even less accurate when using touchscreen technology, as the lack of feedback from physical keys makes touch-typing impossible. Researchers at the University of St Andrews have developed something they call the ‘Kalq keyboard,’ designed for the two thumbed typing approach preferred by tablet users. Other revolutionary interfaces are also being trialled by digital development firms, with gesture control, eye-tracking software, voice recognition software and even cognitive interfaces striving to improve the accuracy and efficiency of our relationship with data capture technologies.


Here at the Document Capture Co, we’re aware that emerging technologies can help UK businesses and healthcare institutions improve the quantity and quality of data at their disposal, which is why we’re quick to provide the latest and most intuitive data capture interfaces on the market. Online forms and written surveys will work well in certain circumstances but we find the immediacy and intuitiveness of touchscreen kiosk and mobile data capture is more effective in others, allowing us to obtain the best possible data in the shortest possible time. If you’d like to take advantage of the best technological data capture solutions on the market, contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation workshop where you can learn about how we can help your business in more detail.