research-data-technologiesData capture is an important aspect of any type of research study. Inaccurate data collection can lead to invalid results and ultimately cause the study to be of no use, so ensuring that data is captured effectively and appropriately is imperative. Quality data capture depends on emerging technologies and innovative solutions, in order to be able to collect information that is accountable and usable. To ascertain that we are able to deliver data accurately, timely and cost-effectively here at Document Capture Co. we use a range of methods, which means you are able to choose which solution you would prefer and deem right for the job when it comes to collecting your data.


Document scanning

While using paper to collect data might seem outdated or particularly time-consuming, there are some audiences that might be more likely to respond to a survey or audit (for example) if it is presented to them in paper form. Encouraging them to physically write their answers is also a way to prompt some respondents to give honest, well thought-out answers – and it needn’t be a slow, long-winded task reading through them. With Document Scanning, you can save time and remove the risk of human error with automated scanning.


Mobile data capture

Mobile data capture typically receives higher response rates due to the ability of information to be gathered at the point of sale and portability. Mobile and tablet surveys provide flexibility by enabling you to record and collect data quickly and reliably from respondents wherever they are. Customisable buttons and interfaces incorporating branding, video displays and randomised questions are just some of the technically rich design features included in mobile questionnaire software; to enhance the study further, pictures and videos can now be taken on the spot, meaning your results will not solely rely on reading and writing, but on the spoken word.


Online forms

While carrying out surveys or data collection face-to-face with a respondent can receive a high response rate, it can also cause the process to slow a little. Online forms grant direct contact in seconds and can generally speed the process up. However, it is important to remember that you are often attempting to reach out to unknown people and asking them to do something for you, so your forms must be appealing, informative and able to hold their attention, in order to appeal.


Touch-screen kiosks

Offering easily customisable interfaces and designs, touch-screen kiosks can reach audiences on a self-service basis, which means you can utilise your time in other areas and leave the data to collect itself. This form of data capture technology is becoming increasingly popular within retail and healthcare industry due to their ability to drive sales and offer informative advice, all the while obtaining useful feedback for research studies.


Performance Dashboard

If you choose to use all of the above methods to capture data for your research, you are likely to find that so much time is wasted inputting and cleaning data that you have little time left to concentrate on analysing and understanding it. With the Performance Dashboard, you can integrate all of your data to offer you easily accessible information and immediate answers. This software also allows to the user to monitor the operational process as it is happening and observe which methods are working better than others.


Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing

Sometimes, the data you capture may be indecipherable or prove hard to retrieve information of worth amongst that that doesn’t offer anything of use. For that, there is Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing. For situations when answers are too honest and opinions are lengthy, this software is able to pick out the information relevant to your study, transforming unstructured data into richer insights.


All of the above well-developed research data technologies are available from the Document Capture Company, and are proven to gather helpful, usable data. Our data capture experience not only offers solutions like no other, but help and support throughout the service. To find out how finding the right technological tools for your data collection can benefit for you research, get in contact with us today.