engaging-dataThere is no denying that the customer/brand relationship has changed in recent years. In today’s consumer-driven environment, decisions to ensure customer satisfaction are no longer based purely on good ideas or simply what has worked well before. Customers now demand highly personalised communication, constant engagement, offers and services. Organisations must be able to deliver the right message and services at the right time, and through the right channels. So, what’s the key to creating and delivering this flawless strategy to ensure customer satisfaction? Data.


Data is one of the most imperative raw materials of today’s world and is highly instrumental in making organisations both more efficient and far more effective. Technological advances have offered care providers and companies a constantly growing reservoir of patient and customer information, but this amount of big data can prove difficult to manage. If we want to be able to better engage with our consumers and customers, we must learn the best ways in which to best  gather specific data in order to utilise the information collected. We’ve created a short guide to how you can engage customers using data here…


Choose the right method

Customers can now be contacted via a range of different platforms, but you must decide which platform they would prefer you use to contact them, and which is likely to gather you the most useful information. You might consider when the most appropriate time is to approach your customers, when they are more likely to give you their full attention, and how much of their time they’re likely to be willing to give. If you catch them at the wrong time, the information you collect in a customer survey could be unreliable; if your survey participants have rushed their answers, they might not have given them due care and attention.


Collect valuable insight

Competition within any industry is fierce, and the companies who come out on top will be those whose customers actually anticipate and look forward to receiving messages from them and who believe they generally receive a better service. One of the best ways of achieving this is by listening to your consumers and gathering valuable insight through data collection such as online forms that will allow you to closely monitor their perception of you, and how things could be improved.


Increase relevance

To ensure you don’t lose your customers, it’s important to always offer them services/information/offers that are relevant to them. By collecting on-the-spot feedback and conducting research using, for example, mobile data capture, you can see instant results and start using them to increase relevance immediately. Mobile data capture is also typically associated with higher response rates, so you know that the information you collect will be valuable to the improvement of your strategy.


Monitor social media activity

Whilst social media is a useful tool employed by marketers, it can also be used to inform business and service provision decisions. By using data collected about those interacting with your company, services or even competitors, you can determine which media platforms your customers use the most, which they are more likely to use to contact you and which areas of your organisation they love, and which they hate. Where such insights reveal that your strategy could be improved, you’ll be able to respond in near-real time and make changes with instantaneous results. If they’ve already made a noise about something they’re unhappy with, fixing it as rapidly as possible is likely to result in service advocates who feel as though you listen and care.


At DCC, we specialise in automated data capture and can ensure that the data you collect is easy to accumulate, decipher and use. We can create bespoke data collection and processing solutions to fit your budget and your needs, so you can begin to better engage with your customers right away. Get in touch with one of the team today and let’s get planning the best methods for you.