healthcare-data2Data capture is of enormous significance to the healthcare industry, as it is used for everything from improving the basic quality of care to undertaking genetic research. Healthcare data capture is in great need of constant and consistent monitoring to ensure that every aspect is running efficiently and effectively, and that everything possible is being done to improve industry standards. When it comes to monitoring a sector of such importance and vulnerability, it is imperative that data is collected accurately and successfully so that it can subsequently be put to good use. The sensitivity of this kind of data collection surrounds the well-being of your patients as well as the time sensitive circumstances in which the research is being undertaken.


Document Capture Co. provides a range of solutions to help you better collect the data you need within the timeframe you require, but why is time such an operative factor when it comes to healthcare data research?


Quality of care

The quality of patient care is a central concern for healthcare institutions here in the UK. Recent high-profile care failings have increased the importance of measuring and reviewing the quality of care in the health industry, so now more than ever, it is vital to be able to collect viable data in order to better the patient-carer experience, and to do so quickly. Whether you collect your data by asking patients and carers to fill out paper forms, via interview or through the use of technology, the information you collect should be processed as quickly as possible in order to implement any necessary changes with immediate effect.


Deteriorating conditions

With many illnesses there are a variety of stages that can depend on the patient and how promptly a successful diagnosis is made. When researching the stages or symptoms of a particular illness, it is important to take this fact into consideration, as successful data collection may rely on a patient remaining at a certain stage long enough for you to collect the information you need. In this case, you will need a solution that enables you to capture, manage and process your data quickly and effectively.



Data (and more recently, big data) can be applied practically and quickly, and used to accelerate decision making in the healthcare industry to improve outcomes for patients. As with any illness, when it is caught early it is likely to be more treatable, so the quicker you can make sense of the data you have collected, the sooner it can be used to help make a successful diagnosis.



While data is used in many sectors to improve understanding and quality, the use of big data to attempt to prevent situations before they occur is one that is becoming increasingly popular within the healthcare industry. The faster research can progress and the more information you can collect to input into your data research, the more likely it will become to be able to better prevent illnesses before the occur.


Finding the right data capture solutions will not only help you to collect data that might be time sensitive, but will ensure you record it accurately. DCC’s emphasis is on the delivery of accurate, timely and cost-effective data. Discover how we can help you by exploring our solutions, today.