customer-satisfaction-surveysCustomer feedback surveys can provide valuable customer insights and move your business forwards in a competitive marketplace. Conducting your own customer satisfaction survey can be challenging, however: how do you go about constructing a questionnaire that will provide you with the data you need to effect meaningful changes to your business, and ensure you process the information in a timely, accurate manner? Our best practice guide to customer feedback surveys will give you the perfect starting point with which to begin your own questionnaire, and from there you can look to our flexible data capture solutions for further help…


Determining your objectives

Before you look at how your customer satisfaction survey will be presented, it’s important to determine why you’re undertaking one in the first place. What are your objectives? Do you wish to determine market trends before they occur, or are you simply trying to find out which elements of your business are popular and which need improving? Clarifying your objectives will help you to develop more meaningful, incisive questions in future.


Format variation

Once you know what you want to achieve from your survey, it’s time to consider the format and layout. While it’s tempting to stick to a concise and consistent layout for your customer satisfaction survey, it can actually pay dividends to mix things up a little and introduce some variation. Change the format of the questions and combine multiple choice queries with those requiring written responses in order to keep your respondents engaged for longer.


Writing questions

Now it’s time for you to start penning the questions themselves. There are a few tips and techniques you need to consider when doing so, of course. You need to remain clear and concise throughout, as any miscommunication will skew the results of your survey in misleading fashion. Avoid unnecessary jargon and complicated language that may cause confusion, and remember to vary the written structure of your questions, too – the last thing you need is for your audience to get too bored! The length of your survey is vital: too long and you won’t capture the information you need, but too short and you could risk losing your audience along the way.


Selecting a data capture method

When it comes to selecting the data capture method for your customer feedback survey, you’ll be presented with two main choices: digital forms, either online or through touchscreen kiosks, or paper questionnaires. The effectiveness of each approach will be determined by the nature of your business, the nature of your audience and the intended use of your data; all should be considered before you pick one solution over the other.


Analysing your results

Once you’ve received your completed surveys back, it’s time for you to process and analyse the results. Online forms have the advantage of already existing in digital form, whereas paper questionnaires will often have to undergo additional data capture processes including document scanning, text analytics and natural language processing before they can be accessed in a more usable format.


Whilst formulating a customer satisfaction survey that gathers all of the data you need and delivers a high response rate is one challenge, processing the data in a timely and accurate data to prepare it for analysis is quite another. If you’re unsure how to access useful, actionable data once it’s in your hands in its raw format or are struggling to make sense of your findings, you can always contact us and we’ll help you to discover the results of your customer satisfaction survey so that you can put them to good use!