satisfaction-surveyHealthcare professionals constantly strive to improve their services by conducting clinical audits and carrying out clinical research  in order to better meet the needs of their patients. At the centre of their data collection, of course, are their patients, from which the most valuable data can be extracted. Patient satisfaction surveys provide those involved in the healthcare industry with the information they need to gain a better insight on the success of their services, where there might be room for improvement, and how they should progress. However, a successful patient satisfaction survey not only needs to show outstanding results, but also to reflect accurate and reliable information so that you can be sure your patients are delivered a high level of care. To ensure these needs align, it’s worth giving careful consideration to the following points:


Method of delivery

At Document Capture Company, we use four key areas when gathering data: experience, satisfaction, awareness and outcomes. However, each of these can be covered by a variety of data collection methods. The delivery method of the survey should be decided depending on the patient you are surveying, while also taking into account cost, resources and time. Don’t limit yourself to methods that you have used historically. A free knowledge-sharing workshop will give you the chance to explore alternative options that could lead to more accurate or timely results.


Text analytics & natural language processing: To collect accurate, detailed and informative feedback, text analytics offers patients the chance to give free-form answers and be as honest as they like when expressing their views without being limited to tick-box responses. Historically, tick-box responses have been held responsible for leading to a breakdown in care because emphasis is instead placed upon meeting targets rather than improving care. If required, we can advise on and implement the best means of deciphering the information of use to build a long-term strategy that delivers high patient care results.


Mobile & tablet: There may be a good chance that many individuals involved in your patient satisfaction survey may be unable to give the detailed feedback they would like to by hand, but the use of mobiles, tablets and other handheld devices offers an innovative alternative. This method does not require the patient to write or even talk, but simply to use the touchscreen.


Online forms: For quick feedback on patient experiences, there are few methods that outdo an online form. Paper forms can get lost, causing unnecessary costs, while online copies can be accessed immediately and offer instant results. Patients can also access the survey from the comfort of their own home, if they would prefer, allowing the chance for patient experience audits to occur when patients are in a more positive environment.



As well as the method of delivery, it is also essential to consider the strategy you will use to approach your patients. This could have an impact upon the numbers of responses you receive, and therefore the usefulness of the information you collect. Here are some questions to consider:

– Will you survey periodically?

– Will you choose your patients at random?

– Will you require help?

– Will you approach them while they are still in your care, or after?


Analysing your results

You might find that you were required to use a variety of data collection methods, and that you have a large amount of varied data on your hands to analyse. In which case, you need a place that enables you to bring together all of the information you have captured so you can assess it together. Performance dashboards allow you to bring together all of the data you have collected so that you can better identify areas of strength and weakness, allowing you take immediate action. They allow you to use intelligent business tools to aid you before, during and after your data collection.


When planned carefully and conducted correctly, a patient satisfaction survey needn’t be costly or time consuming. At DCC, we strive to find bespoke solutions to help you carry out your research effectively, and to ensure you are able to obtain accurate, timely and cost-effective information. For further information or help with your data research, contact one of the team today or explore our website.