The Nursing Technology Fund was launched last year with the purpose of equipping nurses, midwives and care staff with the necessary technology that allows them to do their job better and care for patients with greater effectiveness.kiosk

The first round of applications is now complete. NHS England website states they received over 200 applications from 140 health trusts. The fund gives health trusts the opportunity to bid for funds they can use to buy tablets, digital pens-or any other technology they believe will be beneficial to patient care.

Yeovil Hospital

Yeovil Hospital is of one of the trusts who were awarded money as part of the fund. Let’s have a look at how they used it..

The hospital received funds in the region of £300k and they’ll be using that money to invest in handheld devices. The premise behind their application was to enable their nurses to record patients vital signs data (such as blood, pulse etc.) electronically, implementing a system that will analyse the data and automatically identify dramatic changes in a patient’s condition, thus allowing nurses to deal with patients that need priority.

This project will eliminate the need for paper charts; moreover, data recordings will be done much quicker and with greater improvements in accuracy. The greatest benefit is that the data is analysed and compared to previous recordings immediately and will identify any cause for concerns. The result is that patient needs are attended to quicker.

How does the fund work?

For those who were not aware of this fund and would like to participate in the second process, DCC makes things clear:

–          NHS England will gather all expression of interests received for the second round of funding to predict the demand, design the prospectus and the application process. However, if you have not made an expression of interest, you CAN still be awarded funding.

–          June 2014 has been marked as the time the prospectus and the second round will be launched.

–          All applications must demonstrate the benefits of using the technology for staff and patients.

Our expertise

DCC have been working with various technologies such as tablets, kiosks, digital pens and other mobile technologies in the healthcare landscape for over a decade. We are well versed in outlining and guiding on how technology can work in areas such as patient experience, patient records, vital signs data, complaints, health screening and many more. In fact, the whole purpose of our free educational knowledge share workshop is to enlighten healthcare staff in how technology can work in healthcare. We are not affiliated with any technology manufacturer; therefore we bring to you best of breed technology and a non-biased view.

As a result, the knowledge share workshop will form the basis of the justification behind technologies put forward in applications, giving you a greater chance of being awarded funds. Additionally, DCC can also offer lending support in putting an application together.

Further information on the impact of various technologies in healthcare:

–          Patient Feedback

–          Digital Pens

Further information on the fund.

Have a look at our ‘Useful Document’ that are free to access. A select few documents will require just an email address to access.

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