DCC are extending a friendly invite for a free onsite assessment of all business processes related to NHS services. The opportunity gives NHS organisations the chance to understand how automating the collection of data and streamlining business processes works and to realise the benefits of doing so including: capture thoughts

– Faster response times.

– Less resource and money intensive.-

– Better document retrieval.

– Better organisation, reducing paper being lost/misplaced.

– Workflow visibility i.e. visibility of the pathway of a document.

– Elimination of manual data entry.

– Time savings, allowing staff to concentrate on the things that matter most.Plus many, many more.

To book your onsite assessment please call 0208 903 5432 or email r.patel@documentcapture.co.uk. Alternatively book online.

DCC have been involved in multiple healthcare projects such as health screens, patient experience, patient outcomes and clinical research in management of data to achieve efficiency, accuracy and actionable insights that deliver positive change . We are now extending this to internal business processes, as the efficiency of the latter is just as important as the former in contributing to develop excellent standards of healthcare.