The use of medical language by doctors sometimes means that their patients do not fully understand the terminology which they are using. The Royal College of General Practitioners have recently discovered nearly one half of patients struggle to understand the advice they receive from their doctors or do not understand how to take their medication. Clinical-research-questionnaire

It has been found that patients are also finding it very hard to understand signs in hospitals as they not aware of the differences between the departments as they do not understand the language.

They believe that in most cases, professionals assume patients understand the terminology used by them thus creating confusion and creating situations where patients feel too embarrassed to ask questions, resulting in them leaving feeling confused and unsure about their condition and medication

It has also come to light that some patients have missed appointments as they did not understand the reasoning for their appointments or where the appointments where in a hospital. All these factors play a vital role in improving the services. In some cases it could be the difference between life and death and so it is vital that patients understand thoroughly what the professional is telling them.

At DCC, through research and data capture, we have helped many patient and health care professionals better their services by providing accurate data feedback from questionnaires. The data allows health care professionals to understand the service that they are providing and truthfully how successful it is. Through feedback issues such as language barriers cam easily become apparent.

The data has helped in recognizing such issues and allows health care professionals provide a service that their customers are happy with it. We understand the importance of helping patients and bettering their lifestyle. Utilizing a process from questionnaire design to analysis as can be seen in the journey,  which clearly maps out the entire pathway.

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