As the influx of different technology which is faster, smaller and sleeker, becomes ever so popular gadgets and their uses become increasing drivers. The process of data capture has seen a significant change over the years and has developed in many different ways. Since the introduction of new technology, data capture for specific areas and markets has made the process much more interesting and different. big-data

The birth of a new gadget known as the smart bracelet collects data in an unconventional way. The bracelet has been designed to record the data of how people feel and the emotions they are expressing whilst being stimulated. This could be by watching a particular video or by listen to a certain type of music. The bracelet is worn on the wrist and is then collaborated allowing it to be fully functional in order to record the data.

Whilst being exposed to a video or music the bracelet glows in different colours reflecting the moods and emotions of the individual. The bracelet uses the skin as a medium to read the temperature changes and has two contact panels which are situated at the back of the bracelet touching the skin. A current is run across the skin in order to measure resistance and detect any emotional triggers that may be set off.

The bracelet allows data to be collected in real time, creating a near perfect true representation of accurate data collection all at the same time. The bracelet can be used at many different live events giving an insight into what people are thinking and feeling.

At DCC we have helped many organisations with capturing data and are always looking from new and exciting ways of capturing data. Depending on the type of data that needs to be captured there are many different processes that can be carried out. Data can be captured on paper or through many different technological devices. At DCC we work with different types of technology, from tablets to free standing kiosks’s and digital pens that allow for reliable data capture.

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