The purpose of an awareness campaign

An organisation who is passionate about a cause will want to spread knowledge of that cause or address an underlying issue within through the development of an awareness campaign. Awareness raising (also known as consciousness raising), is the act of enlightening and informing the masses of your cause and campaign, whilst hoping to instigate an action from them in return or to simply have them better informed. Charities and government organisations is the most common example of organisations who engage in developing various campaign initiatives. There are multiple methods used to raise awareness, the advancement of media technology lets organisations become creative in how campaigns are delivered.

Awareness can take shape of promoting a particular idea or belief such as protecting and upholding the rights of women, homosexuals, the disabled, a particular workforce and so forth. Despite the differences in the type’s awareness campaigns, an organisation or group individuals will most likely want to achieve the following as a result of their campaigning:

–          Get as far as reach as possible, targeted at the relevant individuals.

–          Utilise a unique method to ensure your message is not only heard but remembered.

–          A way of measuring the success of awareness campaigns, identifying areas for improvement to refine future campaigns.

An awareness campaign requires precise planning and execution. Here are our 5 steps in implementing a successful awareness campaign.

Establish objectives of campaign

It is not enough to go out and simply raise awareness; you must establish the way in which the success of the campaigning is to be measured. For example, will the success be measured by the amount of donations received or, in the case a particular condition or disease, will you monitor the instances of people visiting their GP to get diagnosed or screened. Furthermore, it is important to set a fixed period of time that will be spent raising awareness.

Establish a target audience

Have a specific target audience in mind is paramount to ensure your message is directed at the relevant groups of people. In some certain instances this will be self-selected, a campaign encouraging people to quit smoking will be undoubtedly aimed smokers. Additionally, assessment of target audience identifies the best mediums to use in order to reach them and where to geographically locate them. For example, raising awareness of dementia amongst the retired population by encouraging them to keep their brain active after retirement is a specific campaign therefore the requires a target audience analysis/assessment.

Awareness campaign strategies

You’ll be able to formulate appropriate campaign strategies once you know your target audience well. Remaining with the example of dementia the ideal locations for  awareness rallies, donation initiatives and distribution of merchandise are in areas easy to reach and local to retirees. Moreover, the elderly are less likely to be tech savvy thus print material with easy to read text and illustrations should be taken into consideration.

Research your cause

It goes without saying that knowing all the facts about the cause you are campaigning for is a pre-cursor to a successful campaign. It is important that your team of volunteers and staff are also prepared with the relevant knowledge base.

Measure the awareness campaign

If you cannot measure, you cannot improve. Ensure you have the appropriate success measures and metrics put in place be it a donations target or something else.  In the instance when a campaign is running for a long period of time, a month by month comparison identifies success factors and outlines areas for improvement, thus you are refining and changing the campaign constantly which makes way for achieving maximum reach.

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