Data can be used for a number of things within a business. One of the functions of data is the ability to use if for staff monitoring purposes. The befit of using data in this way is that it allows organisations and departments to identify trends. This then allows employers to see the effects of their working staff, indicating where improvements can be made.

By using an activity analysis sheet or table based form, it allows employers to evaluate the work of their staff by breaking down all the day’s activity which is being done into small segments to allow them to be analysed and assessed in relation to the activities effectiveness and efficiency in order to maximise activity and minimise costs where they are not needed.

Many different establishments, by using data to monitor staffs activities, can follow their employees daily routines allowing them to gain a better and clearer picture of their business, thus allowing them to make better decisions in order to grow and excel the business.

Using forms to monitor activity by staff can be implemented in any business. The way in which forms are designed can be catered to any type of position such as that of a nurse or of a police officer. Their activities can be monitored by asking them to log their daily activates on a form over a period of time. These activities can be time related, giving an indication of what is being done at what time along with the type of activity that is being carried out.

Once all the required data has been filled onto the forms and the forms have been completed, they are then ready to go through the data capturing process. Once the data has been captured it is then presented on an interactive dashboard. The dash board allows employers to physically see the activities of their staff and move them around. For example if one department of the business is over staffed and another is understaffed, the dashboard will allow them to effectively move staff around, utilising money more efficiently.

The information and insight provided by data can easily help and improve a business and the growth of any organisation. With the understanding of the organisations current status that is provided by the interactive dashboard can show an up to date reflection of the organisations position and where improvement can be made.

DCC have worked alongside many different organisations and institutional departments using activity analysis sheets which have helped to grow businesses in a way where they can maintain and improve their services. The interactive dashboard created can be specific to employees and tasks as mentioned before which can indicate where budget can be better utilised.

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