The current economic climate is extremely competitive, regardless of which industry sector an organisations is operating in. Businesses must constantly strive to implement innovative ways to save costs without sacrificing quality and to thus continually deliver value to their customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Since the turn of the century, one of the most popular methods to achieve this has been to create efficient, streamlined and well-run business processes that are backed up by an intelligent and automated data collection system.

As technology advances and becomes even greater, it is imperative for organisations to invest in and utilise appropriate systems for the purpose of enhancing their existing processes.

Throughout history, there has been a trend to use better technology to improve our lives. Previously, we had typewriters, then PC’s, now laptops and tablets, all of which has significantly changed our lifestyles and habits.

Similarly, organisations must be on the lookout to invest in automated data capture technology that will replace existing manual ways of working. Here are 4 reasons to do this…

Manual Processes are Inefficient

Manual processes are extremely cumbersome, inefficient, inaccurate and time consuming. Examples of manual processes within a larger business process include:

  • Manually retrieving and compiling documents from different locations.
  • Manual data entry from paper into business systems.
  • Manual archiving of paper documents.

Research shows that on average a worker may spend more than 27 hours per week collecting and analysing data. This includes 3 hours of searching for information that is never found and as a result an additional 3.5 hours spent duplicating content. The time consuming nature of manual processes has a monetary cost implication and a lost opportunity cost- that time could have been spent in more productive activities.

An automated data capture toolkit eliminates the need for manual processes, which essentially means more work done with less effort. A good quality automated data capture solution will take away the pangs of manual data entry and searching for and retrieving paper.

Business Growth

As your organisation grows, existing systems need to be made scalable and adaptable to cope with increasing amounts of information flowing through a business process and the resources required to maintain a sustainable infrastructure. Undoubtedly, a failure to do this can put your business in serious trouble.

Use an automated data capture solution during growth periods as an opportunity to set up a robust infrastructure of workflows that can not only streamline existing processes but be made scalable for current and future growth.

Increase Margins

Declining sales revenue or slower revenue streams is a reality all business goes through over the course of time. Market conditions and the economic climate is constantly changing and when things are tough, it is vital to reduce operational costs in order to squeeze as much margin as possible from sales.

Automated data collection promotes lean working environments, which means produce a greater workload with fewer resources.

Improve overall accuracy

Living in the information age means it is imperative to maintain accurate data collection and analysis systems that can measure performance and activity. Bad practice is quickly highlighted by customers and its visibility spreads fast across social media and drives down business productivity.