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Activity Analysis

 Activity Analysis for police constabularies 

A good example of the value of activity analysis can be seen with the work Document Capture carried out in a 2 week exercise with police constabularies. Officers were required to record their activity every 15 minutes for a period of two weeks.

The paper activity analysis sheets were scanned and data intelligently extracted using OCR technology. The data was visualised on performance dashboard. From the dashboard, the constabularies identified an area of inefficiency and wastage, which was the lengthy administration time upon arresting a suspect, to which they responded by hiring volunteer staff to assist with administration.

What Document Capture can do for you

The police constabularies used paper activity analysis sheets; this is by no means the only method. Below is a comprehensive list of Document Capture’s various intelligent scanning and other paperless solutions: 

Tablet and mobile 

Digital Pens 

Performance Dashboard 


Digital archiving 

The Benefits

Using modern and intelligent data management techniques eliminates manual data entry and general laborious processes such as filing documents and manual distribution, search and retrieval of paper documents. As a result, it allows organisations to save office space, operational and storage costs. 

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