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A Paperlite Solution

Constructions projects are paper intensive and require reliable and accurate data to ensure the smooth running of the project. Construction projects need active management, which involve various tasks such as material tracking, progress monitoring, quality assurance, reporting, quotes, drawings, contracts, timelines, invoices, emails and other correspondence.

Document Capture understands that remote work demands data to be available in real time, on mobile devices with or without an internet connection.

A digital ink pen is the ideal solution for remote construction data capture. A digital pen converts handwritten documents into a digital format, making the data available on a smartphone, other mobile devices and on a desktop computer.

With the digital pen, the traditional pen and paper method does not need to be relinquished, the digital pen simply convert the paper handwriting on a form into an electronic format.

Resultantly, manual data entry is eliminated as is any potential mismanagement or miscommunication throughout the duration of a construction project. Furthermore, all documents are stored digitally, saving money in storage costs whilst making the documents easily accessible.

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