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Our contribution to research

At DCC we look to encourage our ideology of the 3 C’s
– Connect
– Communicate
– Collaborate

These 3 concepts ensure that researchers understand how beneficial their research can potentially be, not necessarily within one area but across multiple audiences.
At DCC we understand the amount of planning and effort that goes into the preparation of these research studies, ranging from:

• Identifying your sample
• Ethical approval
• Deciding on the most appropriate methodologies and what measures are involved.
• Applying for sufficient funding
• Data collection
• Analysis

We can provide data capture as an in-house solution or as a service where you don’t have the capacity to manage projects onsite but require the expertise and reassurance that the data is being managed in accordance with your study methodology and data protection legislation.

DCC have an extensive history of working alongside researchers assisting them when managing the data collection element. We offer our skills and expertise to help professionals design their forms to ensure participants find the documentation simple to complete and that accurate answers can be collected i.e. ensuring a DOB is written as DD/MM/YYYY as opposed to written in words as this can cause issues when sorting the data set.

More importantly, replicating results into an electronic format, particularly after receiving a large amount of responses via paper, can prove to be labour intensive and delay the opportunity to begin analysis on the data sooner. DCC utilise specialist data capture technology which allows us to automatically extract responses from paper documents without the need for manual data entry. This can be done by using already existing forms or creating new forms for data capture as seen below. The types of information that can be extracted are demonstrated on the image.

New design vs legacy
teleform capture fields

Following quality checks of the data, DCC securely return the raw data file to the researchers in a format that they require allowing them to interpret the data using their own software such as, CSV, xlsx, SPSS etc. By removing the manual data entry element:
– Researchers make better use of funding
– Can allocate their time on more important matters
– Begin the analysis in a quicker turnaround time to determine the findings of the research.