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Data Collection and Analysis

premature-death-statisticsData collection and analysis is performed in an efficient manner. Data collected on paper surveys and data already present on other documents is extracted from the forms and sent to a desired database or system. Usually, the method to get data from paper to an electronic format would be to manually type it out, which is time-consuming, laborious and error-prone Automated data capture ensures this process occurs without input on your behalf, whilst presenting you with accurate data that you can begin to work with and analyse. Techniques of OMR, OCR, ICRand IWR(explained in our technical area) are used to extract the data. For tablet and web based form, no such extraction is required, data is sent to the system upon submission. In Design & Deploy, we mentioned and Workflow, these things come into effect here. You can begin to analyse and extract meaningful and insightful information from the data. Do this yourself or take advantage of our interactive dashboard, which is a stunning visual analysis and interpretation method, equipping one to view the data from many angles, take a granular approach or look at data as a whole. Consider using text and sentiment analytics too.


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