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The Evolution of Data Collection Methods

Document Capture Co is a family run business that was established 17 years ago with a passion to collect data quickly and accurately. Over this period of time, data collection methods have evolved, from manual data entry to now more intuitive and efficient methods to collect data. We have been exposed to a whole variety of data management issues prevalent within organisations. Collaborating with organisations from different sectors and tackling a wide range of problems resulted in a constant and continual cycle of learning and adapting as well as development of our toolkit. This and our unconditional approach in helping clients have led to our continued success.

Our passion for all things data stems from our farming heritage. Our forefathers strove to use the right tools for the right job and sharing those tools and best practice methods with neighbouring farmers. Similarly, Document Capture aim to find the right data capture solutions for different problems to create best practise in data collection methods to pass on to our clients. We aim to equip our clients with the tools that can provide them with long-term success in managing data. Specifically, we work closely with our customers to share knowledge, innovative thinking to turn weaknesses into strengths.

Our History

Document Capture Co began life working closely with the public sector organisations such as local councils and authorities in performance measurement. As the years went by, the bulk of our work was with the NHS and charities, in assisting the delivery of better patient care, clinical research and campaign measurement using robust data management systems. Furthermore, we have assisted large detail chains in creating strong customer feedback management systems and enabling accurate and timely submission of regulatory data.

Data Capture is our Passion

Providing intelligent data capture techniques to the health sector means they’re able to provide better patient care, track diseases at an earlier stage, achieve better health outcomes through research and awareness raising campaigns and, overall, advance in the field of medicine. Knowing our work plays such an important significance is our motivation.

At a broader level, we understand the key role data plays and its ability to unlock hidden actionable insights for any type of organisation. Such insights can enable an organisation to run at a greater efficiency.