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Design & Deploy

survey data captureThere are three types of forms and documents, namely Structured, Semi Structured and Unstructured. At this point you have two options presented to you. The first is to re-design your form using our specialist form design software, which will present the form in a format ready for automated data capture. The second is to use your Legacyform and overlay it with automated capture fields. It is important to note that these options only apply to a form/survey type documents. Other documents such as invoices, statements, comment cards and so forth are digitally scanned where our software is taught exactly which fields to recognise and extract from the document. We use the term “technology” quite often, what we mean by technology is an intelligent data capture tool! Next, the form or document is deployed in its paper format, but there is also an option to use a tablet or mobile device, web form or kiosk. The decision to choose which, if any or all, is made during the knowledge share stage, upon understanding the nature of the project, budget and the environment the data will be collected in. We also incorporate things known as and Workflowin design, which uphold data flow and accuracy. 


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