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Digital Ink Pen

Digital ink pens are the latest in intelligent data capture technology that promises to change the way organisations capture information, particularly in the area of remote data capture.

The digital ink pen converts handwritten information into a digital format. Underneath the nib of the digital ink pen is a camera that takes 100 pictures per second of a user’s hand strokes as they’re writing on a paper document, simultaneously recognising the handwriting to churn out digital text and creating a digital copy of the paper document.

Using Bluetooth technology, the pen transfers a digital copy of the form to your smart phone, a designated email address(es) and the Document Capture Simple Forms (SF) verifier platform. On the SF platform, the digital text that has been recognised is available to view where a user can perform manual verification, if need be. The data is available for export in a multitude of different formats and is integrated into an organisations existing electronic database or graphically displayed on our performance dashboard. Similarly, the digital copy of the document is indexed and stored, for easy access.

The digital ink pen is ideal in any environment, more so in the area of remote capture owing to an offline capture module. Therefore perfect for remote based clinical trials, construction projects, district nursing and in processes that usually require large quantities of handwritten information.

The Benefits

It’s easy to use; use it, as you would an ordinary pen

Saves time; no manual data entry

Converts handwritten notes into digital texts

Easy to organise files and documents

Require fewer administrative staff

Better data quality

Organisations reluctant to go paperless can begin with a digital ink pen as it retains the pen and paper methodology, albeit enhanced, thus is paper-lite solution.