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Housing Association

Housing associations are tasked with providing low cost social housing for people who are in need of a home. Any single housing association can manage up tom 100,000 properties in a given region. Housing associations are also known to provide housing for individuals on any income level, shared ownership schemes and renting and selling homes.

A successful housing association needs to know if their residents are happy with the service being provided. A poor service may mean residents look elsewhere. A good service means a greater demand for housing giving an association scope to expand their reach.

One of the easiest and most direct ways of knowing how residents feel about the service they’re receiving is through customer surveys.

Document Capture Co is currently working with a London based housing association who manages around 70,000 homes. We collaborated with them to manage their resident surveys, youth monitoring form, foundation monitoring form and new homes survey.

Specifically, we worked closely with the association to design suitable surveys that met their requirements. Our designers ensured that the surveys were easily to complete and suitable for residents with a varying degrees of capability. Next was the automatic capture of the data from the surveys. Our scanning toolkit scanned all surveys, verified and extracted the data and presented the association with a raw file containing the data. Read more about intelligent paper capture. Other data capture options include mobile, web-based and through a digital ink pen.

Lastly, this raw data was ingested into our Customer Voice Dashboard. The interactive data dashboard assisted management in identifying and understanding the most talked about issues by residents and therefore provided the management team with a platform to implement and execute appropriate changes. The dashboard is bespoke and designed around the needs of client.

If you’re a housing association and believe a bespoke and robust data management system such as this would benefit your organisation, contact us. There are also alternative options to paper such as mobile, tablet and the digital pen.


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