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Local Authorities

 The key to improving services is to understand your resident

“Listen to the world, you will know more” – Unknown

Local authorities are responsible for the needs of the public within their jurisdiction. Local authorities are tasked with dealing with a plethora of paper intensive processes such as:

Application Forms including planning applications, parking permits, housing benefits and notices of marriage.

Processing of payments including parking fines and invoicing.

Managing and maintaining records.

Updating residents with important information such as bin schedule changes.

Bills management.

Regular surveys such as “have your says” and other feedback and opinion surveys.

Dealing with inbound enquiries that come in the form of emails, faxes, phone calls etc.

And much more…

Intelligent Data Capture

Managing a multitude of paper intensive processes manually is an arduous and time consuming task. Local authorities want to decrease turnaround times for applications and inbound enquiries, make better use of data collected from forms and, overall, manage internal processes efficiently. Below is a comprehensive list of Document Capture’s various intelligent scanning and other paperless solutions:

Tablet and mobile 

Digital Pens 

Performance Dashboard 


Digital archiving 

Accounts Payable 

Intelligent Paper Capture 

Mailroom Automation 

The Benefits

Using modern and intelligent data management techniques eliminates manual data entry and general laborious processes such as filing documents and manual distribution, search and retrieval of paper documents. As a result, it allows organisations to save office space, operational and storage costs; provide a better service to students, suppliers and other stakeholders.


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