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Local Authority

What we can do

  • Digital archiving of documents
  • Quick, electronic and web-based access from anywhere
  • Onsite and offsite scanning
  • Design of surveys/planning applications and more
  • Intelligent data extraction from surveys and documents
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Digital mailroom solution
  • Accounts payable solution

What you achieve

  • Save office space
  • Save costs of physical storage
  • No manual data entry
  • No manual search and retrieval
  • No lost or misplaced paper
  • Provide a better service to residents
  • Turn around applications quicker
  • Pay and be paid on time
  • A better and more efficiently run organisation

Control Public Sector Expenditure

Local authorities and councils collect and manage a variety of school, child, educational and social records, planning applications as well as various “have your say” resident opinion/feedback surveys. Managing a huge and vast load of paper through manual means is an arduous task that presents many cost implications, time delays and inefficiencies.

Utilise effective and intelligent scanning and data capture techniques to better and more efficiently manage the workload either as an in house solution (as some documents are not allowed to leave the building on legal grounds) or as a bureau service.

Having all paper records scanned and digitised increases their ease of access and makes it easier to search through and retrieve documents. Decrease applications turnaround times, use interactive dashboards to visualise resident feedback through surveys and make use of effective accounts payable and digital mailroom solutions for seamless day-to-day operations. Contact us for more information.