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Digital Mailroom Automation

Mailroom Automation: Automate inbound communication

All organisations receive incoming business documents such as customer enquiries, fax, email’s and so forth. Such documents may be electronic or paper based. Manually dealing with different document types and the differing nature of documents is time consuming, resulting in somebody having to physically filter through all the paper and distribute it to the appropriate department or personnel. Additionally, documents may be stored in filing cabinets and/or documents are stored electronically using manual date entry. In essence, a manual method presents a lot of potential for error including misplaced/lost documents, which may have grave legal and financial consequences as well as throw a spanner in the works in internal processes. Most importantly, an organisation cannot give the best value in service to customers.

Mailroom Automation

Organisations need to find as many ways as possible to remain competitive and mailroom automation presents an opportunity to do so, working in 4 easy steps.


All inbound business documentation is captured and converted into a digital format. Paper and electronic documents are prepared for recognition.


Classification occurs in two different cycles. The first classification cycle is to identify the document based on its structure i.e. is it a letter, an invoice, fax etc. The second classification cycle is to identify the document based on its content. This classification only applies to unstructured documents i.e. an email or letter as they could contain any type of information. Both classification methods make use of state of the art recognition techniques.


Once the two different stages of classification are complete, the intelligent capture system has enough information to determine what should happen to the document and where it should go. The document is sent to the relevant department, individual or system, whilst the sender of the document is notified that the enquiry is being handled.


All documents are electronically stored and management can retrieve and view their status easily.

The Benefits

Document Capture’s intelligent mailroom automation system leaves no scope for error and is entirely paperless. The entire elimination of manual process saves time, operational costs and increases the efficiencies of all departments. Quicker and easier access to documents means enquiries are dealt with quicker, allowing an organisation to provide greater value for their customer, suppliers and other stakeholders.


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