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Medical Data Collection

Medical Data Collection: Do not be data rich but information poor

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver” – Mahatma Gandhi

Primary care, secondary care, mental health services and community services collect a plethora of notes on patients. These include general patient notes, consultation documents, clinical notes, test results and more.

Such medical data needs to be stored in a digital format in a database and retrieved periodically. Storing the notes manually into filing cabinets and later retrieving them proves to be time consuming and issues also arise in version control. Manually typing out paper forms into a patient portal or similar is also inefficient.

Document Capture’s automated medical data collection toolkit scans all paper notes and documentation and routes a digital copy of the document to its appropriate storage destination. Furthermore, the toolkit captures the information within the notes to be sent to a database.

If you believe a scanning solution is not appropriate to meet your specific needs, check out the digital ink pen, which is also adept at turning paper documents into a digital format.

A health professional can now potentially spend more time with patients and see more patients in a given day owing to fewer administration responsibilities such as data entry.

Digital storage of documents and appropriate version control enables a healthcare professional to retrieve up to date and accurate patient data much faster.

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