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Mobile Data Capture

Mobile and Tablet surveys are at the heart of flexible data capture

Being able to perform surveys, collate on-the-spot feedback and conduct research using mobile and tablet devices holds a number of key benefits, allowing you to record and collect data quickly and reliably from respondents wherever they are. Market research becomes a breeze, questionnaires often see more reliable answers and there will often be a higher response rate simply because people are keen to try out the newest and most innovative technology. But whilst the concept is simple enough, implementation of mobile data capture can be difficult. As well as choosing a physical device that has the durability, battery life, screen size and weight that best suits you and your respondents’ requirements, the software that runs on these devices must be structured and well-designed enough to make the process of answering questions simple. What’s more, legal issues concerning licensing, provision for DDA-compliant software where disabilities are a concern and infection control provisions for hygiene sensitive areas can all hamper an apparently simple project’s progress. In order to find the most long-lasting and cost-effective solution to your mobile data capture campaign, there are a number of key factors to consider.

Selecting the right mobile data capture technology is the key to success

Mobile and Tablet surveys are now able to offer some of the most powerful and impressive solutions to on-the-spot mobile data capture. As well as being able to implement technically rich design features, such as customisable buttons and interfaces incorporating branding, video displays and randomised questions, mobile questionnaire software can do much more. Rather than relying exclusively on multiple choice answers, mobiles and tablets can now take point-of-experience surveys one step further, allowing pictures to be taken, showing multiple pages of information and enabling both questions and answers to be spoken aloud rather than relying exclusively on reading and writing. For reviewing data, immediate access to customised reports and graphs can be handled remotely, and email notifications can alert staff members to immediately rectifiable problems such as a mess on the floor, an unwell patient or an unhappy respondent. One project is not like another, and there are a number of factors to consider when choosing a mobile data capture solution. Whilst some clients may have their own personal preferences based on what technology they’re familiar with and what others around them have used before, we can help you to choose the best solution that ensures your research’s success. In order to do this, we assess who your respondents will be and match up the best products and software solutions, taking into account all timeframes, budgets and limitations to find a workable mobile data capture solution for you as an individual.

Easy to design and manage; instant results

  • Management of technical and design features, ensuring the production of creative designs that enhance respondent experience and maximise the number of respondents, whilst still being simple to use./
  • Data management to control data use, network infrastructure and connectivity, whether on 3G, Wireless or offline /
  • Implementation, training and support, allowing complete /

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