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NHS Statistics

Making use of publicly available data

The NHS periodically collects data in different statistical work areas. These include, but are not limited to, friends and family test, waiting times, bed occupancy and many more. These data sets include data for all healthcare settings whom applicable to and is available on the public domain for anyone to see.

Document Capture strongly believes that this data, presented on Excel spreadsheets, has the potential to be made actionable using our bespoke and interactive data dashboard. This data can potentially allow service providers to compare their performance with others of a similar size or in a similar region and so forth. At the moment, the data is submitted as a regulatory process but there is much greater value to be derived from it.

As a service provider, you can see your own data for a given statistical work area made actionable. As a result, the data can be used to drive positive changes to processes and activities, whilst comparing your performance to other providers and sharing best practice methods is also a possibility. Furthermore, the dashboard highlights area of inefficiencies thus the potential to save costs and streamline processes.

The public data is available here. Contact us, if you would like to see your own data translated into insights that can be used to make key decisions.

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