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Online Forms

Easily Design and Manage Data Capture using Online Forms

With around a third of the entire global population an internet user, online forms offer instant access that allow you to make contact with people within seconds, and can drastically reduce the response and processing time of any surveys’ physical counterparts. Whilst these benefits make online forms incredibly appealing for any researchers, users must approach the battle well-equipped and with a strong plan of action. Online forms seek to target the emotions of unknown people, asking them to action something; as such, the design, structure and implementation of an online form will be critical factors to consider to ensure its success when used to capture information.

Some online forms can be relatively simplistic and stand-alone applications, surveys, and subscriptions, whilst others may be more complex and used as part of a multi-channel approach, mimicking paper counterparts, or use complicated branching logic and rules. Regardless of form type or purpose, the associated challenges are likely to be the same. Does the form look authentic enough to set users’ minds at ease when privacy concerns are introduced? Will the form hold your readers’ attention spans? How will it look if a user chooses to print it out rather than filling it in online, or views it on a tablet or smartphone?

All too commonly, many providers that look to have the answer may not be able to deliver on all they promise. Any investment into an online web form for data capture should consider a number of key factors to ensure all required features are accounted for, including:


    • Issues of cost, weighing up the length of time a touch screen kiosk may be required and whether rental or an outright sale would be more cost-effective.
    • Ease of use
    • Speed of deployment
    • Business Process Management
    • Analytical capabilities
    • Reporting format and level of detail
    • Annually recurring costs vs one off purchases


DCC has experience with a wealth of different online form solutions, ranging from the comparatively simplistic all the way through to those using branching logic and multiple different versions. As providers of software for our clients to use in-house as well as offering managed solutions, we use the different solutions that are available every day. This means that we can provide you with balanced, impartial information that specifically outlines which would be the best answer for your web-based research, as well as creating bespoke solutions through combinations of other products at a fraction of the cost.

With our expertise, we can ensure your online forms are designed to make respondents feel safe and secure, making them more likely to give accurate, insightful answers. We can handle user log-ins, allowing respondents to return to forms as and when they have time to increase response rates, reminder emails, web forms in conjunction with other data capture methods and secure handling, storage and presentation of data online. We’re invested in providing efficient and cost-effective web research solutions on time and on budget.

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