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Paper Data Capture

Paper Data Capture

Paper documentation plays an integral role for all organisations. They’re a part of everyday business processes, internal and external activities. Examples of paper documents include historic records, questionnaires and surveys, customer information and user data. Document Capture can assist in the following ways.


Our designers have a keen eye for detail and, in a short space of time, will design a form based on information provided or offer a re-design of an existing questionnaire. Most paper questionnaires are designed on a Microsoft Word document or similar, which does not always deliver the right results. Document Capture use specialist survey design software that can create a user friendly form containing a variety of different input methods (multiple choice, range, free text, images etc.). We work closely with our end users and consult them on every single step throughout the design to ensure they have a form that matches their needs. Moving away from the physical design of a form, we add a variety of different business rules and validations that help ensure the data is captured accurately.

Paper Data Capture

All paper documentations are scanned and the necessary data is extracted using capture techniques such as OCR, OMR, IWR and ICR. As a result, there is no requirement for manual data entry, which would usually be the case of getting paper documents into an electronic format.

The data extracted is thus directly exported to your end system or database, simultaneously creating a digital copy of each form, which is then stored.

If you believe a scanning solution is not appropriate to meet your specific needs, check out the digital ink pen, which is an entirely innovative and unique method, ideal for remote data capture.

Performance Dashboard

A Performance Dashboard is very effective in making data actionable by making the data visual and interactive. The dashboard will highlight trends in data and is easy to use, allowing you to switch between different data sets as well as view specific and broad data. The dashboard is bespoke and designed around the needs of client.

The Benefits

The benefits of using an intelligent paper data capture methodology are numerous. All paper is digitised, saving space in the office and thus there are neither costs of physical storage nor time intensive activities of retrieving old paper documents. An automated system means no manual data entry and resultantly accurate data is available in near-real time, which can be used to make your organisations internal process efficient and provide more value to your customers.


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