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Paper Data Capture

Paper still has its place

Data capture from paper forms, questionnaires, surveys and documents is an integral part for any organisation. Many are shifting to online and mobile, however, paper still has its place.

What we can do for you?

  • Design paper questionnaires and forms ready for automated data capture.
  • Build in business rules and validations that will ensure data is captured accurately.
  • Utilise techniques of OCR, OMR, IWR and ICR to capture data of different types from fields e.g. free text, single/multi-choice and images.
  • Export data to chosen database or as an Excel/CSV file.
  • Create digital copy of each paper form that is securely archived and easy to search for and retrieve.
  • Provide an interactive performance dashboard where data is visualised and analysed, identifying unique trends and patterns.

What you achieve

  • Save office space
  • Save costs of physical storage
  • No manual data entry
  • No manual search and retrieval
  • No lost or misplaced paper
  • Accurate data, available in real time
  • Provide a better service to customers by understanding their needs and requirements

Businesses of all types use paper forms to collect information from customers be it applications forms, surveys, questionnaires, census and audit forms, insurance and legal claims or examination marking. Automated forms processing involves the scanning of paper documents and automated capture of data from the relevant fields, which is then stored in a database. The actual form itself is digitised.

Specifically, it is the digitisation of the paper form, the capture of data from fields using techniques of OCR, OMR, IWR and ICR, verification of data for quality and accuracy purposes and, finally, export to end system/database. The benefits of an automated system allow an organisation to manage processes better and work with accurate data available in a timely manner.