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Paper to Digital Archiving

Paper to digital archiving of documents to achieve process efficiency

Paper to digital archiving of documents is arguably the most vital step in an organisations attempt in their transition towards paperless. As time goes on the volumes of paper, containing letters, contracts, records and so forth piles up and becomes increasingly difficult to manage in the following ways:

Difficult to search and retrieve old records

Version control becomes difficult

Storage costs increase

Business processes become inefficient

Document Capture’s Paper to Digital Solution

The Document Capture paper to digital solution works as follows:

Paper documents scanned and imported into the system

Documents converted into searchable and editable text

Documents are indexed

Documents exported to a digital library for long-term storage

Document Capture’s added value

Most organisations offer a quick and ready to use digital archiving solution. Document Capture’s added value is through our ability to intelligently capture and extract data from the paper and a unique and interactive performance dashboard to make data actionable.

The Benefits

Access documents anytime, from any location.

Find the document you need, quickly and easily.

Streamlined document management. Files stored in appropriate digital library whereby their usage can be monitored and managed.

Re-use printed text. Original documents can be edited in Microsoft Word or Excel, saves times re-creating or re-typing documents.


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