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Patient Experience Data Capture

Patient Experience Data Capture: Listen to understand, rather than to reply

“The only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein

Continually listening to and understanding how your patients feel about the service that has been delivered to them is pivotal to maintaining high standards of care. The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement have detailed an essential guide to transforming patient experience. The guide is based on the findings of a research study entitled “What Matters to Patients”. One of many key recommendations made is to dedicate resources to capture, understand and use patient experience, through storytelling (qualitative) and quantitative data.

A hospital care setting collects patient experience data through surveys, PAL units, Just a Minute (JAM) cards and friends and family test. Furthermore, hospital personnel including chief executives, sit down with patients to have a one on one chat. From this, it can be said hospitals are using a wide range of techniques to collect both quantitative and qualitative information.

Such techniques are great but are rendered useless if there is not in place an efficient method to collect the patient data and churn out insights that are actionable. Document Capture Co have worked on many patient experience projects such as Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMs) and here is how we can add value to your patient experience programs.


The design of patient experience questionnaires must be user friendly. Patients completing questionnaires are from different backgrounds and ability levels therefore a “one size fits all” approach is not appropriate. Our expert patient survey designers, aside from creating a neat, tidy and user-friendly survey, can assist in delivering flexibility with surveys. These include surveys in different languages, text size and colour schemes, each potentially different to cater for a specific patient profile.

In addition to paper, there are options to deploy patient surveys in a web-based format, on tablets, mobile devices and kiosks or a specific combination of all. Moreover, we can advise on the best solution given your specific circumstances. This is because we do not have “out of the box” solutions, rather a bespoke solution is developed case by case.

Data Capture

There are two options to capture data from paper surveys. The first is an intelligent scanning methodology, which uses intelligent data capture techniques to extract data from surveys, raw quantitative and qualitative data that is delivered to your electronic system for analysis. The second option is better suited for capturing patient experience data remotely using a digital ink pen. The pen is used as an ordinary pen but is capable of converting handwriting into digital format, the raw data is similarly sent to an electronic system. Read more about the digital ink pen.

All paper forms are digitised and electronically stored, therefore there is no need to physically store the paper. Data from electronic based surveys can be captured with or without an internet connection and amalgamated with patient data collected via paper, thus all data is present in one central location.

Patient Experience Dashboard

If you are looking for an analytical tool that provides more value than an Excel spreadsheet or statistical software programmes, our patient experience dashboard fits the bill. The dashboard is interactive and converts the raw data into actionable insights. The patient data dashboard is capable of providing analysis of specific and broader data sets whilst being able to narrow data based on certain conditions such as date ranges. For a bespoke and all-encompassing patient experience data management system, look no further.

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